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Update to Patients – Restoring Services At Seaford Medical Practice

It has always been our intention to open up the Practice, in line with the easing of current government restrictions. However, with increasing corona virus infection rates and cases rising in our communities, protection of our patients and staff remains paramount.

How we continue to provide services to you remains unchanged. Please be reminded:

  • Do not come to the surgery if you have any symptoms of corona virus – high temperature, a new continuous cough and loss or change to your sense of smell and taste.
  • Please continue to wear a mask when visiting the surgery for appointments.
  • Please do not come to the surgery if your query can be dealt with by the telephone.
  • Please only attend if you have an appointment and don’t arrive earlier than required.

With the exception of ear micro suction, NHS Health checks and travel vaccinations, we have restored the full range of our services to pre-pandemic levels and we continue to work hard on increasing the volume of these services.

We appreciate that there are difficulties with waiting times and services throughout the NHS and especially within hospitals. Everyone in the NHS is working hard to provide the best care they can, we thank you for your patience.


Posted: 18th June 2021

Following the recent Government announcement to delay the lifting of Covid restrictions to the 19th July, we wanted to share our revised plan for the restoration of Patient Services at Seaford Medical Practice (SMP). We shared this with you back in May. The main change is the need to delay the opening of our front reception. We will now reluctantly delay this until 19th July. Just as a reminder, here is our plan for the restoration of patient service;

  • Telephone GP Appointments As planned, from 21st June, SMP will reintroduce pre-bookable phone appointments, available up to two weeks in advance. In addition, phone appointments will continue to be available on the day. If, following phone consultation the GP feels a face-to-face appointment is needed, the GP will invite the patient in for an appointment that day.
  • Appointments with our Nursing Team (Nurses, Health Care Assistants & Phlebotomists) The Nursing team commenced seeing patients face-to-face from April for diabetes, asthma and COPD reviews. In addition we are now pleased to offer 24 Hr Average Blood Pressure monitoring and Ear Syringing. Looking forward we will re-introduce the following services;
  • Self-test Blood Pressure – The machine will be back in the waiting room from 19th
  • Ear Micro Suction – From 1st August
  • Travel Vaccinations – From 1st August
  • Annual Health Checks – From 1st October
  • New ways of working & use of other health care professionals Throughout the pandemic our clinical staff and patients have worked differently using telephone, texts and internet resources and we will continue to promote these methods to provide best care.  Our receptionists have been trained to help direct you to an appropriate member of a wider community of clinicians. For example; you can use LIVI to book a video consultation with GP’s, who are commissioned to work for us. Mental health issues can be directed to Health in Mind, a self-referral service and Physiotherapists, are able to see patients with muscle and bone problems. When our receptionists advise you of these services, we appreciate you following their suggestion, so that you can get the relevant help as soon as possible.
  •  Front Door, Waiting Room & Reception Desks From the 19th July, our reception and registration desks will be open, subject to any further government announcement.

 Additional Information & Support;

Patient Back Log – This continues to be a huge issue and challenge for our patients, admin staff, GPs and Nursing team alike. We will do our best to catch up with this huge backlog, but the reality is that it will take many months. This is far from ideal, but we are limited by the number of GPs, nursing team, other clinicians and space in our premises. We are sorry about the current situation, which is not what SMP want, but we feel it is important that we are open and honest with our patients. To support you further please see following helpful links,

Please Be Kind:

We are very grateful for the support and understanding we have had from the majority of our patients through the COVID period and the challenges we have faced in providing health services. Please remain supportive of us as we look to restore our services and then gradually catch up with the huge backlogs. Please be kind and polite to all our staff as we do this. We really are trying to do the best for our patients. Please also have in mind that we have a zero-tolerance policy on verbal or physical abuse towards our GPs, Nursing team and Reception / Administration staff.

Thank you for your support.

The Partners at Seaford Medical Practice

18th June 2021