Seaford Medical Practice

About our PPG

The PPG was created by identifying the patient profile of the practice in terms of age/gender/ethnicity etc and randomly selecting patients across the population profile.  Over 400 letters were sent out inviting patients to join the Forum.  In addition, a notice was put on the waiting room television inviting any patient who was interested to join the PPG.

The Group is currently made up of about 20 patients.

To become a member of the PPG

If you would like to become part of the PPG or would like to know more, please contact The Chairman at the

PPG Meeting Minutes


2022-10-10 PPG minutes

2022-07-26 PPG Minutes


2021-04-13 PPG Minutes

2021-07-13 PPG Minutes

2021-10-19 PPG Minutes


2020-01-18 PPG Minutes

2020-09-15 PPG Minutes

2020-11-17 PPG Minutes

2021-01-26 PPG Minutes


2019-01-12 minutes  2019-01-12PPG briefing patient choice

2019-03-30 minutes

2019-06-15 PPG Minutes

2019-10-12 minutes